Wonder Woman Wednesday…3-9-2011

Posted: March 9, 2011 in DC Comics, Gail Simone, Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman Wednesday

We can continually ask ourselves the same question, who would win in a fight…Superman or Batman?  However, I think this question has gone on far too long and we need to start focusing our efforts on a even deeper question.  Sure, I think Superman would drop kick Batman in a heart, but could he pummel Wonder Woman to the ground?

Who's tougher, the Man of Steel or the Amazon Princess?

Let’s face it, Superman may be powerful and caring, but he’s not always the brightest star in the cosmos.  Like wise with Batman, he may have the brains, but sometimes his inhumanity gets the better of him.  Wonder Woman has all of Supes and Bats’ good traits and none of their bad ones.  One could make an argument that she’s better than both of them in every way.  It’s a legitimate argument to say the least.

Post your opinion below.  And be honest!  If you really think she couldn’t take Superman, let it be known.  But don’t think for a second I won’t jump on the band wagon and start up a friendly argument.

  1. Josh C. says:

    Wonder Woman may not be as strong of fast, but I think she would win because of her warrior training.

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