Alas, Vintage #1

Posted: March 5, 2011 in Alas Vintage, Batman, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman

Every once in a while I get on Google images and type in something comic book related and run into a barrage of images that take me by complete surprise.  But I’ve never been so blown away by a find that my jaw dropped.  But today I ran across many vintage images that made me laugh like crazy, which in turn compelled me to save them to my hard drive and begin a weekly posting titled “Alas, Vintage” as a way of remembering the horridly terrifying days of vintage comics.

To kick things off with this first installment of “Alas, Vintage” here’s a shout out to the very poorly drawn superhero comics of the Golden Age….

I know I would take time to see if my new Wonder Woman costume fit

Cause Harley just isn't doing it for him anymore

Because women can't take care of themselves right?

  1. Martin Gray says:

    William H Peter, Charles Paris and Jack Kirby (that last one is Silver Age, by the way), ‘poorly drawn’? Drawn for a different time, for audiences with different expectations and perhaps more varied tastes, maybe, but I’d say it’s good cartooning.

  2. Heretic says:

    We should always put things into perspective. In comparison with how comics are drawn today, these images don’t actually hold up. In fact, in an artist were to draw a superhero comic today but with this style, fans would more than likely call it bad because of the standard that has been set today. But, like everything, it’s all a matter of opinion.

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