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So I’m sure we all saw the very well done Wonder Woman animated movie released a couple of years ago.  Apparently there was a statuette made via DC Direct that was based off of the animated movie’s characterization.  However, I saw this set of photos through a google images search, which was quite daunting to say the least.  This set of photos was shown in a one by one experience, meaning I had to click the “next” button to view the next. Let me walk you through my visual experience.  Be warned, you may like what you see, but be ready for a twisted ending…

Ok, this first pose is actually quite awesome; very dramatic and intense

This second pose is perfect for your computer wallpaper

Seriously, everything about this statuette screams awesome doesn't it?

They took great care in getting the details just right didn't they?

And then, after viewing a number of great photos, I told myself I was going to purchase this statuette because of how cool it would would among my collections.


until I saw this…….

HOLY SHIT!!  Her face is freaky!!!  I think I might have nightmares later!  Nevermind, I’ll refrain from buying this one!

To be honest, it’s a pretty awesome statuette; it’s pretty darned detailed and in the right positions, it’s really epic.  If you don’t get freaked out easily, I recommend adding this gem to your collection.


The Article Below Comes From….


American GodsNeil Gaiman’s epic fantasy tome, is now set for development as a feature film, the author confirmed in an interview with Digital Spy (via Bleeding Cool).

The book, released in 2001 to many accolades, tells the story of a ex-convict, Shadow, and his navigation through a present-day America secretly filled with all the mythological gods and monsters of ancient history, long since immigrated to the United States.

Though no specific details have been announced, Gaiman says that the rights for the project have just been sold and that he will meet shortly with the new director about his own potential involvement in the project. As for who will be helming, Gaiman only offers a tease.

“There is one cinematographer and director on board,” he says, “who has many, many Oscars and is I think a genius. I love the fact that he fell in love with this about six or seven years ago and has not given up and just kept coming back and coming back.”

Gaiman, arguably best known for his comic book series “Sandman”, has seen his work adapted in Hollywood with adaptations of his novels Stardust and Coraline. His most recent book, The Graveyard Book is slated for a film version from Neil Jordan while a “Sandman” television is said to be in development with Gaiman’s involvement.

Check out the original video interview with Gaiman in the player below and check back for details on American Gods as they develop.


My Thoughts….

You know what…I’m STOKED!!!   American Gods is my favorite novel ever written and ranks (with me) right up there with Watchmen as the best piece of literature ever written in the modern age.  But here’s my issue, I’m going to be super analytical with this film.

American Gods is more or less a thematic extension of Gaiman’s Sandman series, containing various mythological concepts with a mixture of Americana and Fantasy.  But at the book’s core is the idea that American culture has very little value beyond its own technological advances.

Of course there’s more to it than that, but Gaiman wrote it mainly as a reaction to his own experiences of living in the United States.  This is not a biography by any means, but it is somewhat a reflection of Gaiman’s thoughts on America.

Just like with Watchmen, I’m going to be tapping my foot every step of the way until it hits theaters.  And just as like Dan Woodward from It’s a Dan’s World has been doing with his updates on the Hobbit film coming out, I will equally be keeping tabs on the progress of the film adaptation of my favorite novel of all time!  Stay Tuned for more information.

Oh, and if you haven’t read this awesome novel yet….don’t wait any longer!

Why is it that DC heroes always tend to show signs of homosexuality and Marvel heroes typically show signs of stupidity?

And Bats and Supes actually look like they are considering it



Poor Bats, Robin or Green Lantern...tough decisions.

That's right Spidey, get some change and use a pay phone like Superman.

William Moulton Marston, the man who created Wonder Woman lives on in history as being…well…one crazy kind of guy.  His comics consisted of Wonder Woman being caught in compromising situations that the typical comic book audience today either laughs at, or causes them to do a double take.

Back in the mid 1900’s, Wonder Woman was known for her lasso of truth, which either bound her enemies to the ground (most of them typically being female) or was used by her enemies to bid her up.  Either way, Wonder Woman is known for her “tied-up” characteristic.

But we can go even further and expect Wonder Woman to not only find herself bound in multiple ways, but also to seem utterly helpless and unable to resist anyone’s torment once bound by the hands.  Below are some images from old comic book covers which gives you just a sample of the number of covers out there showing Wonder Woman bound and utterly helpless.  Click on any image to enlarge it….

Early in the Wonder Woman game, all heroes get tied up once in a while right?

The darling Amazon huh?

Slightly familiar to the above photo

Gone from rope to bandages

ok, whew, I'm much more comfortable with chains

What wonderful inspiration Dr. Strangelove has been for us

Ok, so now she's just gotten used to...she may even like it

Geez that looks like it hurts!

Ran into this video on Youtube.  I’m a fan!  She took an already existing song and made of music video to it.  I hope she doesn’t get in trouble for using the song on here.  Oh well, this girl rocks anyway…subscribed to meekakitty’s youtube channel as she talks about anything and everything geeky!

never would crossed my mind that a bullet could get stuck in Supes’ ear.  Super funny!

We can continually ask ourselves the same question, who would win in a fight…Superman or Batman?  However, I think this question has gone on far too long and we need to start focusing our efforts on a even deeper question.  Sure, I think Superman would drop kick Batman in a heart, but could he pummel Wonder Woman to the ground?

Who's tougher, the Man of Steel or the Amazon Princess?

Let’s face it, Superman may be powerful and caring, but he’s not always the brightest star in the cosmos.  Like wise with Batman, he may have the brains, but sometimes his inhumanity gets the better of him.  Wonder Woman has all of Supes and Bats’ good traits and none of their bad ones.  One could make an argument that she’s better than both of them in every way.  It’s a legitimate argument to say the least.

Post your opinion below.  And be honest!  If you really think she couldn’t take Superman, let it be known.  But don’t think for a second I won’t jump on the band wagon and start up a friendly argument.